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About Us

We work to alleviate the emotional distress experienced by children and families in situations of disagreement, conflict, divorce, or separation. Our approach is highly child-focused and therapeutic.

We are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for both children and parents, providing a professional, safe, and child-friendly service and environment. Our support is extended to children and parents from diverse backgrounds, including those with disabilities or specific learning needs.

When parental relationships break down, the emotional strain between parents can inadvertently harm the child, especially when changes in living arrangements are involved.

The process of these decisions going through the court system can be costly, emotionally taxing, and physically demanding. With numerous factors adding to this, our services aim to alleviate the stress associated with legal battles, providing support to children, adults, and entire families throughout this challenging process.

We possess a comprehensive understanding of children’s legislation and the family court process, allowing us to conduct assessments for Family Court and Local Authorities, particularly when considering care proceedings.

All our staff team are experienced in Child Protection and Safeguarding, possess enhanced DBS checks, and have practical expertise to deliver comprehensive services nationwide. They also bring valuable insights into family dynamics to help resolve conflicts. Our reports offer parents an opportunity to reflect on and enhance difficult relationships.

Mission statement

Our goal is to reunite all families regardless of gender, race, orientation or disability while keeping the child’s best interests in mind. We work hard to ensure that the child’s wishes and feelings ascertained in areas and considered to make positive changes in their lives.

Through our programmes and support services, we ensure that the child’s voice is heard through the transition of a relationship ending.


Our goal is to provide high-quality support that aims to facilitate positive and meaningful relationships between children and parents, in hope that allows the child to achieve their full potential and live a fulfilling and happy life.

Value Me Family Services – Our Approach


We aim to create a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere where people’s voices can be heard. It is important that everyone concerned believes they have the right to speak up and that all viewpoints are valid and appreciated. This is especially important for children and young people, who often feel like their thoughts are ignored as a result of their age.


We want to make sure that everyone is mindful of a child’s needs and feelings. It is imperative to us that the work we do is clear of any misunderstandings, to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal; improving the child’s life.


We take the time to listen to all parties concerned to devise a tailored approach that is in the child’s best interests. We formulate plans that aim to create positive outcomes. We work in partnership by providing an open and honest service.


We recognise that parental relationships can fall apart, which can have devastating effects on children and young people. To restore healthy relationships, we use our expertise, knowledge, and skills to help parents and children deal with practical and emotional barriers.


We have extensive knowledge of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and court processes, including Social Care proceedings. We aim to empower all parties involved towards supporting and taking into account a child’s perspectives in all legal proceedings that affect them.


We strive to ensure that all sessions have a meaningful outcome for all the children and young people we work with. Our parent and children’s sessions will help to re-establish bonds and aim to promote a healthy ongoing relationship.


We aim to include experiences that are tailored to the child or young person’s interests. The programmes are designed to engage children and young people in a child-friendly manner to help them concentrate on their well-being. We teach vital skills that will be critical in assisting them through this transition and beyond as they grow older.

For further information relating to any of our service provisions, please telephone 0121 624 1527 / 0794 317 99 09 or email [email protected]