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Family Group Conferences

When a problem is critical enough that a strategy and decisions regarding a vulnerable child must be made, Family Group Conference (FGC) may be used. An FGC can cover a wide and complex range of issues.

An independent co-ordinator will support and facilitate the family. Alongside this the child will be appointed an advocate to ensure that their wishes and feelings are ascertained and heard by all parties involved.

Every family’s situation is different, so we will consult with each family member about their goals and how they want to accomplish these.

A Family Group Conferences is made up of three stages

Sharing of Information

This is the first stage of the FGC, this allows for input from the FGC co-ordinator, the child, professionals and for those were unable to attend the meeting. There will be the opportunity to discuss any concerns around the family brief. At the end of this part, everyone involved should have a good understanding of what the FGC is about and what family members should consider when creating the family plan.

Family Time in Private

All professionals will leave the room during this time this allows all family members to openly discuss issues in a safe environment. If agreed advocates can be part of family time to  support the child or vulnerable adult.

Defining and Agreeing the Plan

This is where the family and the co-ordinator discuss the family plan. The plan needs to ensure that the child’s welfare is paramount. Once the plan has been agreed there will be a review of the plan to ensure that agreed steps have been implemented and adhered too.

To request a Family Group Conference with the co-ordination and assistance of Value Me Family Services, please get in touch with us.