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PAMS assessments

The Parent Assessment Manual Software (PAMS) provides a thorough overview of parenting capabilities completed by specialist workers where there are parenting concerns.

PAMS assessments are particularly useful for parents experiencing mental health issues or those who have a learning disability. We have specific expertise and a strong reputation for providing high-quality service to these clients.

Dr Sue McGaw, a nationally recognised Clinical Psychologist in the area of working with parents with learning issues, created the PAMS Assessment (Parent Assessment Training Manual).

It features:

  • Child Care and Wellbeing
  • Behaviour Management
  • Skills Training
  • Hygiene Practices
  • Parental Wellbeing
  • Relationships and Support
  • Societal and Environmental effects on parenting

Parental awareness, quality of parenting skills, and the frequency of parenting practise are all evaluated for each parenting skill field within a domain. A PAMS assessment begins by making an evidence-based evaluation by qualitatively breaking down aspects of parenting into components.

After completing the assessment, the assessor will have a clear family overview that enables focused parenting support and detailed child-safety concerns.

When a parent has been identified as having a learning disability, we use other approaches recommended by Dr Sue McGaw, such as:

  • Tasks are broken down into manageable steps
  • Performing demonstrations
  • Prompt cards, images, diagrams, and digital clocks are all included
  • Visual aids/videos are used
  • To prevent parents from feeling stressed and helpless, problems are addressed gradually
  • Instruction/input repetition
  • Roleplay – for example, with high-risk and care-related scenarios
  • Increased verbal feedback
  • Visualization of issues/use of visual material including using a traffic light system – orange, amber, and red) to investigate problems and areas of improvement

To conduct a preliminary or more comprehensive parenting assessment nationwide call 0121 624 1527 / 0794 317 99 09 or email [email protected]