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Supervised Contact

Value Me Family Services focuses on negotiating a path forward with both parents, starting with supervised contact and progressing to unsupervised contact at the right time. We specialise in assisting parents in navigating this journey, drawing on our experience and a determined approach to support and challenge parents in overcoming obstacles towards effective shared parenting.

We provide a more individualised approach to supervised contact with a focus on solutions and feedback on areas that may need improvement. This also entails assisting both parents in resolving problems that might be impeding their progress. A detailed report is compiled analysing the observations from the session, giving detail of anything that may be impacting the children and future contact arrangements, including the extent of co-operation.

We can provide all or any combination of the following

  • Supervised contact in the community or any agreed safe venue
  • Provide a professional informative report on interactions and observations
  • Work with the supervised parent to discuss any issues, such as parenting style, suspected frustration, or stress reactions. This should be done in conjunction with work with the other parent
  • Work with parents to resolve any of the above issues, to advance communication as needed.
  • Parenting advice for parents, to create more united parenting, so that children feel safe and succeed in a healthy relationship with both parents