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Therapeutic Intervention

Value Me Family Services has a reputation for carrying out comprehensive and integrated therapy programmes for children who have experienced trauma or attachment difficulties and are living with adoptive, birth parents, foster carers or special guardians.

We aim to assess a child’s therapeutic needs in light of trauma, neglect or family instability. We provide a wide range of therapeutic interventions to reduce separation anxieties and divided loyalties in children that affect contact with a parent. Therapeutic intervention can help with many different aspects of a relationship and aim to build more effective communication to help better manage issues within the relationship when they arise.
When a child refuses to communicate, we focus on exploring the child’s wishes and feelings via therapeutic work. This helps us to provide professional observations which are then shared with parents  to help them fully comprehend their child’s needs.

In cases where there are questions over family contact arrangements or a child is refusing contact with a family member, we can provide an assessment that includes direct work with the child to inform decisions. Following the sessions, if required, an intervention contact plan can be established to promote contact to move forward. We offer contact solutions in the best interests of the child’s welfare and development.